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what is D2C Delight?

Enhance Customer Experience through Direct Brand Interaction

D2C website helps maintain full control over brand messaging, aesthetics, and customer experience.

Collect valuable customer data, enabling personalized marketing campaigns, targeted promotions, and improved customer segmentation.

Selling directly to consumers eliminates marketplace fees and commissions, leading to higher profit margins and increased revenue.

Tailor your website to suit your unique brand identity, product offerings, and customer preferences.


Key Features of the Logistics Intelligence Platform

Returns & Exchange

Attract new customers by offering hassle-free returns on your D2C website, providing peace of mind and confidence in purchasing from brand.


NDR (Non-Delivery Resolution)

Boost delivery conversion rates by efficiently resolving non-delivery issues, hence minimizing RTOs.


Brand Experience Page

Upsell and promote new sales through a dedicated brand experience page on your D2C website.


Communication Tool

Enable WhatsApp and SMS to provide order updates, address inquiries, and reduce "Where is my Order" calls.


Business Intelligence

Harnesses the power of advanced analytics and data visualization tools to provide actionable insights into your business operations.


Custom Rule Engine

Automate check on serviceability, customer info and fastest delivery route. Further you can setup auto order allocation process based on zone, weight and rates.


Business Benefits of D2C Delight

Unified Order Processing

Centralized order management, provides brands with a unified view of all orders, LSP performance, and customer interactions, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.


LSP (Logistics Service Provider) Performance

Monitor and optimize logistics performance through ShipDelight's D2C Delight, ensuring timely delivery, reducing transit times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Branding Through Custom Communication

ShipDelight's D2C Delight enables brands to strengthen brand identity and foster customer loyalty through personalized communication channels, reinforcing brand values and building trust.


Auto-NDR (Non-Delivery Resolution)

Reduce return-to-origin (RTO) rates and improve delivery success rates leveraging automated NDR solutions to efficiently resolve delivery issues and minimize disruptions.


Efficient Returns and Exchanges

Streamline returns and exchanges processes with ShipDelight's D2C Delight, offering hassle-free options for customers and reducing operational overheads associated with reverse logistics.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide seamless order fulfillment, transparent communication, and responsive support, fostering long-term customer relationships and driving repeat business.

How does it works

Simplified Workflow Unraveling Shipdelight's Magic


Connect with Our QCommerce Expert

Reach out to our dedicated QCommerce expert to discuss your business needs and explore how our solutions can benefit your operations.


Get Your Custom Integration Plan

Collaborate with our team to design a personalized integration plan tailored to your business model and operational workflow.


Onboard Your Team and Get Started

Invite your team members to join the platform and provide comprehensive training and support.


Seamless Integration Making Shipdelight Your Own


Still Unsure? Find Answer you are looking

How can my Customer process return?

Your customers can return orders from the tracking page. Once they open the tracking page, they can click on the return request. They will have to verify by entering the OTP, then select the item and reason they want to return.