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Select from Multiple Themes

ShipDelight Tracking Page Offers Multiple themes of tracking page to Choose from. All the Tracking pages are specially designed for mobile responsiveness.


Use as Plugin, Page, or in-app Widget

You can use tracking page point to your sub-domain or you can use it as a plugin or embedded as a widget in your eCommerce store.


Complete Shipment Visibility

ShipDelight's tracking works for all couriers, to all destinations. Give your customer complete visibility of their order.

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Personalised Notifications

We can update the latest delivery status to your customer by sending emails, SMS, or even on WhatsApp.

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Connect Return, Exchange and Support

With ShipDelight Branded tracking page you can give your user control to raise Return, exchange or support requests.

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Collect Feedback

We take you a step further to connect with your customer. You can enable to collect NPS feedback from you customer.

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Clients that Trust Us

Why Choose Us

Shipdelight Tracking Page offers everything you need for the best tracking experience. It will help you increase brand awareness, drive post-purchase engagement, and eventually increase repeat customers.


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

  • Can I Use Tracking Page on my website?

    Yes, You can use tracking page your store. You can configure a subdomain, or you can embed our widget in one of the page.

  • Can I change create my own custom theme?

    Yes, we offer multiple customisation options. These customisations are limited to the theme you select.

  • Can I only Hide Support Button or give external link?

    Yes, you can add external links as well as hide these links when you wish. We recommend using ShipDelight links for an error-free experience for your customer.

  • How do I collect feedback?

    You can enable NPS from your tracking page settings. Once you enable it, you will be asked to setup from different rating scales. All the responses can be seeing in the Feedback widget in your Dashboard.

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