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Omni-channel Inventory Sync

Sync all you channels from one master system making it easy to add, allocate, distribute and block inventory in few clicks.


Pick & Pack Faster

Your inventory management will be also synced with your order management system which will smooth your process to pick, pack and deliver faster.


Move Inventory based on Demand

Your distributed inventory can move from one place to another based on demand of the product. You can also move your dead inventories to free up spaces.

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Set Inventory Alerts

You can set alerts for low stock, out of stock, returned, damaged or other inventory status to make you proactive.

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360° Insights in your phone

You will also get a phone app, on which you can check detailed insights as well as alert of your inventory and product.

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Why Choose Us

With ShipDelight, you can consolidate all your inventory details in one place. It reduces the time spent on trying to match orders, mapping them to the warehouse to shipping them to fulfil your orders.


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

  • How is it different form other inventory management system?

    Unlike other inventory management systems, ours is made to support the next generation - quick commerce. Your inventory needs to move very fast.

  • Is there additional cost of using inventory management system?

    Inventory management system is on-demand service. Yes, there is a cost of using the system and will require configurations to need your requirements. Please contact you account manager to know more.

  • How can you transfer migrate to using ShipDelight's inventory system?

    We support multiple methods, that are automated. It can be done easily. Please inform your account manager about your existing inventory system, he will guide you or he will do it for you.

  • Can I also manage inventory that is for global fulfilment?

    Yes, you can manage inventory for global fulfilment. You need to provide your API of global delivery partners, our system will take care of inventory syncs.

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We can help your D2C brand to streamline all the functions of your post order operations. From warehouse to delivery we have got it covered.

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