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Non-deliveries can be due to many reasons;
ShipDelight handles them all

Handle Multiple NDR Instructions

Take multiple NDR management paths - edit delivery details, reattempt, hold or return the order to the origin


Know the Right reason for NDR

Door locked, incorrect address, the customer refused to accept, destination inaccessible. ShipDelight records the precise reason and helps you take the right actions


Easy to Track NDR

Precisely track the history of any nondelivered shipment by viewing its event timeline, which shall serve as tangible proof of due diligence from the part of the seller

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Manage Actions on Delivery

Direct the last mile delivery staff-on-ground to reattempt, hold or return the order to origin. Communicate with them through the ShipDelight app interface

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Detailed NDR Dashboard & Reports

Provides a summary view of non-delivered shipments. You can click on any data point to download granular details

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Automate NDRs

Create Rules based on NDR Scenarios and automate the NDR process to run operation without much human dependencies

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ShipDelight NDR Management App Provides a summary view of non-delivered shipments and makes you take multiple NDR management paths - edit delivery details, reattempt, hold or return the order to the origin.


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  • What is meaning of NDR?

    NDR stands for Non-delivery Report. This report cites possible reasons due to which the courier partner could not deliver shipment to the customer despite attempting delivery. Some examples: Address incomplete, Door closed, Customer refused, COD not ready.

  • How does NDR work?

    All undelivered shipments are listed on the NDR dashboard, categorized accordingly to their reason for non-delivery. For some reason (e.g. Door closed), InstaShipin may do an auto-reattempt, or the seller’s office can try communicating with the customer and decide on a redelivery attempt. For other reasons (e.g. Customer refused), the seller may decide to request a return of shipment. NDR Controller thus helps you to decide the next course of action on undelivered shipments.

  • Can I get to review my NDR logistics performance?

    Of course. NDR Dashboard (available on the ShipDelight panel) already contains the provision to view the real-time status of your NDR shipments as well as cumulative NDR statistics taken over a historical time period that you can specify.

  • Can I get dashboard for NDR performance?

    Yes. NDR controller has a real-time dashboard with all the required status and actionable clearly displayed so you understand what actions to perform.

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