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Simple & Smart Order Management

Sync all your orders at One Place

Connecting with ShipDelight OMS allows you to sync your orders, check serviceability print labels and automatically generate AWB numbers


Map your Orders with Inventory

Map it with your distributed inventory, take smart decisions for the right allocation and fast delivery


Approve, Reject, Split or Merge Orders

Simplified Process of order approvals, validations, and rejections. One can also split or merge orders

Bulk order

Dispatch & Process Orders

Post approval process of fulfillments are further streamlined into Label, dispatch and Manifest Queues

Bulk order

Take Bulk Actions Or Automate

Save time with bulk actions that can run in the background or create rules to automate any type of action

Bulk order

Integrate your all your store and systems

Do you have multiple stores, or using have 3rd party apps?
We can integrate and sync data from them anytime.

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We’ve helped brands of all sizes and verticals grow their business by delighting their customers with a seamless shipping experience


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

  • Do I need technical help to integrate order sync?

    Yes! But our consultant guide you or you developer at every step. Some integration will only require you to share you keys while some integration will need your developer to work upon.

  • Can I sync my CRM or Warehouse or Other Omni-channels?

    You can. Please contact our Support Center. We would need some information about the software you use, and soon you’ll be all set.

  • Can I use other services with using OMS?

    Yes, you can use other services. Our Apps are modular and can be configured as required. Please note that there may be other configurations required. Please do mention this in your requirements when you are talking with your Consultant.

Looking for direct-to-consumer fulfilment solution & services?

We can help your D2C brand to streamline all the functions of your post order operations. From warehouse to delivery we have got it covered.

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