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One Stop Return & Exchange Solution

Enable your customers to return & exchange

Connecting with ShipDelight lets your customer make returns effortless, saving you time, keeping your team in sync by approving returns and exchanges


Automate with Validations Rules

Set Rules, Validate Requests, and Process Returns & Exchange automatically to save time of your customers and your business


Connect with Refund Gateways

ShipDelight offers you ways to refund your customer upon valid return request. You don't have you keep your customers waiting

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Return to Nearest Store

Optimise return costs by simply returning the product to any nearest store. Later the same can be shipped your new customers

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Keep Inventory in Sync

Returns and exchange at times also cause inventory gaps. With ShipDelight, your inventory will sync across your stores.

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Clients that Trust Us

Why Choose Us

We enable your team to control how and when returns should be processed with flexible policies, automation rules and more. We identify return edge cases, freeing up your team to focus where it’s needed most.


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

  • How can my Customer process return?

    Your customers can return orders from the tracking page. Once they open the tracking page, they can click on the return request. They will have to verify by entering the OTP, then select the item and reason they want to return.

  • How can my customer process exchange?

    Your customer can also request exchange product from the tracking page. Once they open the tracking page, they can click on the exchange request link. They will have to verify by entering the OTP.

  • How long it takes to process returns?

    For your customer, it is a simple process to raise the request. ShipDelight will help you manage these requests, once approved the delivery company will pick the order on next working day.

  • What type of policies can I set for returns and exchange?

    You can set return or exchange policies on product type, days, product usage status. These can be configured through our settings section.

  • How can I configure returns with Refunds?

    You can connect you payment gateway, wallet or even UPIs with our ShipDelight platform. You can request more details to your account manager.

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We can help your D2C brand to streamline all the functions of your post order operations. From warehouse to delivery we have got it covered.

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