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Automate your order handling

Sync all your orders from channels. Automate check on serviceability, customer info and fastest delivery route. Further you can setup auto order allocation process based on zone, weight and rates.


Automate your inventory distribution

Based on demand, we can automate your inventory distribution so that it is strategically kept to faster deliveries at optimum cost. You can create your custom rules of inventory distribution.


Automate your non-deliveries

Upon NDR, you can create rules based on different NDR statuses. These rules will automate your process of NDR and will pass the instructions to the delivery company to either reattempt, update details, or return to origin.

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Automate returns and exchanges

When your customer requests for returns or exchanges, you can create rules, to validate, approve or reject the request. Further upon approval, the return request can also be passed to logistic companies and instructions to customers.

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  • How shipping automation works?

    ShipDelight allows you to create workflows and apply rules for your fulfilment process. Our Account manager will work with you to set up these workflows and automation.

  • Do you integrate other third party service providers to support automation?

    Yes we can. You have share their api details and our system can send instructions to them. For more such requirements connect to your account manager.

  • Can we create custom rules for special cases?

    Yes, based on your workflow you can manage to special cases. At the moment all the special cases may be covered.

  • How to handle automation errors?

    For errors, you can either setup a notification your operations as well as to you customers, or you can setup to reprocess it for few times.

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We can help your D2C brand to streamline all the functions of your post order operations. From warehouse to delivery we have got it covered.

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