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Great Features to Manage Shipping

Unified Shipping Ecosystem

ShipDelight offers a unified shipping ecosystem to gain control and remove inefficiencies with streamlined operations of delivery.


Shipping Order Allocation

Meet the growing demand by controlling fulfilment operations that maximize capacity, optimize the customer experience, and grow your business.


Real-time Tracking and control

Get a bird's eye view of order status from Dashboard, and click on any data point to download complete details.

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Performance and TAT Visibility

Thoughtfully built to increase performance so that our customers achieve maximum logistics throughput with minimal manual involvement.

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Ease Support Queries

Streamline customer support by combining order, shipment and tracking data in one screen. Your customer support team has all info they need.

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Clients that Trust Us

Why Choose Us

We’ve helped brands of all sizes and verticals grow their business by delighting their customers with a seamless shipping experience


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and Knowlegabable support team.

  • How do I track the order status?

    The tracking option is provided in the same screen panel that shows details of the shipment journey. With this option, you would be able to track your order status in real-time.

  • Can I integrate tracking feature on my website?

    Yes. We shall provide the ShipDelight Tracking URL. You can use it wherever required on your site to track the shipment status of any order placed through your online store.

  • Can I give real-time instructions for rescheduling the delivery?

    Yes! This is one of the powerful features. While shipment is in transit or if a delivery attempt has failed, you can communicate with the customer and decide on rescheduled delivery. You can do this simply by editing delivery info in your InstaShipin Order screen, and the update shall be conveyed online to the Courier on the ground.

  • Can I track multiple shipments?

    With ShipDelight you can track up to 300 shipments at a time. You can also download the real-time tracking information in excel format.

  • Do I need to take AWB in advance?

    Prior Airway billing is not required. This is because ShipDelight auto-allocates Airway Bill (AWB) numbers for each shipment in real-time, while processing the orders.

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