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Auto-NDR Detection

ShipDelight's NDR Tool automatically detects undeliverable shipments based on carrier notifications and triggers proactive communication with buyers.


Multi-Channel Communication

ShipDelight's NDR Tool sends communication messages to buyers via WhatsApp, SMS, or Email, providing real-time updates on delivery status and addressing any delivery issues.


Customizable Templates

Brands customize communication templates to ensure personalized and relevant messaging for each buyer and delivery situation, enhancing the effectiveness of communication efforts.


Real-Time Monitoring and Intervention

Brands can monitor NDR occurrences using ShipDelight's NDR Tool, enabling proactive intervention to resolve delivery issues and prevent NDRs, ultimately improving delivery success rates.

Reduced NDR Occurrences

NDR Tool helps brands minimize undeliverable shipments by facilitating proactive communication with buyers and addressing delivery issues promptly, resulting in fewer NDR occurrences and improved delivery success rates.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By keeping buyers informed about their shipment status and addressing concerns in real-time, ShipDelight's NDR Tool enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering positive brand experiences and encouraging repeat purchases.

Improved Operational Visibility

Our NDR Tool provides brands with real-time insights into delivery performance and NDR occurrences, enabling them to monitor and analyze delivery trends, identify root causes of NDRs, and implement targeted strategies for improvement.