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A survey indicates that 35% Enterprise Logistics Consultants are given the
KRA of reducing Logistics Costs.

Key Benefits Of our Enterprise Consultation

Tailored Solutions customized to your needs

QC Enabled Returns

Returns with no questions asked hurt a Brand’s bottom line. Trained personnel with a pre-decided checklist of inspection will carry out an onsite inspection.

Same Day Delivery

ShipDelight offers same-day delivery in 30 cities achieving an average TAT of 3 hrs reducing the number of orders cancelled in transit and enhancing Client Experience.

Multi-location Pick-Up

ShipDelight delivers to 26000+ COD-enabled pincodes throughout India. Pickup from Stores as well as Warehouse locations can be arranged in accordance with your needs.

Logistics at Best Prices

Work directly with Leading National Logistics Partners, Strong Regional players, and Upcoming Brands introducing innovative solutions in the market and manage them all on one Dashboard.

Cross-border Delivery

Capable of delivering internationally through its various courier partners.

NDR Controller

NDR controller gives you a direct communication channel with your customer. This helps you decide what next to do with the non-delivered shipment.

Integrated with the daily Business Apps