India's F&B sector holds 27% of the share in the D2C space.

With a focus on agility, innovation, and customer engagement, F&B brands are well-positioned to harness the immense potential of the D2C channel.

Revenue in the F&B market is $905.20Bn in 2023.

With innovative products, market dynamics, and evolving consumer behaviors, F&B players are poised to capitalize on emerging trends.

CAGR 2023-2028, The market is expected to grow annually by 8.40%

By leveraging technology, and focusing on product differentiation F&B players can meet preferences of Indian consumers.

Role of Shipdelight

Elevating Healthcare Logistics with Shipdelight

Elevating Healthcare Logistics with

ShipDelight offers supply chain visibility tools that allow food and beverage businesses to track the movement of their products from production to delivery.

Risk Management

By offering contingency planning, alternative routing options, and proactive risk mitigation strategies, ShipDelight helps businesses minimize the impact of unforeseen events

Seasonal Demand Management

ShipDelight helps food and beverage businesses manage seasonal demand fluctuations by offering flexible shipping and storage solutions. 


Distribution Network

With strategically located warehouses and distribution centers, ShipDelight ensures timely and efficient delivery of products, even to remote and rural areas


Global Standard of FEFO

By prioritizing the dispatch of products according to the global standard of First Expired, First Out (FEFO), we help businesses reduce the risk of expired inventory and maintain product quality


Multi-channel Distribution

We support multi-channel distribution, enabling them to reach customers through various sales channels, including e-commerce platforms and offline channels.


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Do you offer value-added services, such as labeling or repackaging, for food products?

Yes, we provide value-added services, including labeling and repackaging, to meet the specific requirements of food products.