Navigate Routes, Deliver Smiles: ShipDelight's Biker App.

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what is Biker Delight?

Navigate Last Mile Challenges with Precision and Efficiency

Bikers can manage all incoming orders through the Biker App.

Comprehensive COD management capabilities to track cash on delivery transactions, collect payments, and reconcile accounts.

GPS-enabled order visibility for delivery bikers to track order locations in real-time.

Enable delivery bikers to offer doorstep discounts to customers.


Key Features of the ShipDelight's Biker Application

Dual Direction Fulfillment

Supports both forward and reverse logistics. Manage outbound deliveries and handle returns seamlessly.


Cash Handling Solutions

Comprehensive COD management capabilities allows bikers to track cash on delivery transactions.


Order Visibility - GPS Enabled

GPS-enabled order visibility helps bikers to track order locations and provide accurate delivery estimates.


Doorstep Discount to Boost Sales Conversion

The Biker App enables delivery bikers to offer doorstep discounts to customers, incentivizing purchases.


Create Custom Brand Experience Flows in Biker App

Offer Brands customized brand experience flows within the Biker App, to enhance customer engagement.


Payment Management

The app allows bikers to manage their payment details and view their earnings, including fixed and variable payments.


Business Benefits of ShipDelight's Biker Application

Centralized Order Management for Bikers

The Biker App provides delivery bikers with a centralized platform to manage all aspects of order fulfillment, including order tracking, navigation, and customer communication, improving efficiency and accuracy in delivery operations.


COD Visibility

Delivery bikers can track cash on delivery transactions in real-time through the Biker App, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial transactions, and reducing the risk of fraud and discrepancies.


NDR Management to Reduce RTOs

The Biker App includes NDR management features, enabling delivery bikers to efficiently resolve non-delivery issues and minimize return-to-origin (RTO) rates, improving delivery success rates and customer satisfaction.


QC-based Returns Management

Delivery bikers can handle both quality control (QC) and non-QC returns seamlessly through the Biker App, streamlining returns management processes and reducing operational costs.


Competitive Advantage

In today's competitive market, providing exceptional delivery experiences can be a key differentiator for businesses. ShipDelight's Biker Application equips fleet owners with the tools and capabilities to offer superior delivery services.


Enhanced Customer Experience

The Biker App enables delivery bikers to provide exceptional service to customers, offering real-time order tracking, accurate delivery estimates, and personalized interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does it works

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Can I track the location of my bikers in real-time?

Yes, our app offers real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor your bikers' locations throughout the delivery process.