Current vale of industry is $50 Bn in india

With a rich legacy of producing high-quality pharmaceuticals and a burgeoning domestic market, India's pharmaceutical industry continues to steady expansion globally.

Indian Pharma meets 40% of the generic demand in US

This significant contribution underscores India's pivotal role as a global leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing and export.

Expected Market Growth is 32.5% by 2032

This projection underscores the industry's resilience and potential for expansion amid evolving landscapes and market dynamics.

Role of Shipdelight

Elevating Healthcare Logistics with Shipdelight

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

With expertise in pharmaceutical logistics and regulatory affairs, we ensure adherence to quality, safety, and regulatory requirements throughout the supply chain.

Track and Trace

ShipDelight's track and trace capabilities enable health and pharma businesses to monitor the movement of their products in real-time and maintain visibility across the supply chain.

Efficient Order Processing

With automated order management systems, minimize the time it takes to fulfil orders and deliver products with improved operational efficiency.


Cross-border Shipping

We facilitate cross-border shipping for health and pharma businesses, enabling them to expand their reach and tap into international markets. 


Distribution Support

By leveraging our extensive network of distribution centers and logistics partners, we minimize stockouts and ensure product availability.


Weight Discrepancy Management

By proactively freezing weight, businesses minimize shipping expenses and optimize logistics costs, contributing to improved profitability


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How do you handle customer inquiries or complaints related to pharmaceutical product deliveries?

We have a dedicated customer support team trained to address inquiries or complaints related to pharmaceutical product deliveries promptly and effectively.