Message Creation

Brands create personalized messages for various communication purposes, such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and customer service inquiries.


Channel Selection

ShipDelight's Communication Tool allows brands to select communication channels based on customer preferences and message type, including WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.


Automation Setup

Brands set up automated notifications and workflows for routine communication tasks, such as order confirmations and shipping updates, ensuring timely and consistent messaging to customers.



Analytics and insights into communication performance allows brands to monitor engagement metrics, analyze trends, and optimize messaging strategies for better results.

Reduced NDRs

Reduce non-delivery reports (NDRs) by providing timely updates and reminders to customers, ensuring that they are aware of their order status and delivery schedule.

Less WISMO (Where is my Order) Calls

Reduces the number of "Where is my Order" (WISMO) calls by proactively providing order updates and tracking information to customers via their preferred communication channels. 

Brand Personality through Custom Messaging

Custom communication templates enable Brands to showcase their brand personality and voice. By crafting personalized messages that reflect the brand's values, Brands can connect with customers on a deeper level and build emotional resonance.