Maximize Income, Optimize Operations with ShipDelight's Logistics ERP.

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what is ERP Delight?

Navigate eCommerce Logistics with Clear Operational Insight

Centralized platform to manage all incoming orders, track shipment status, and coordinate delivery schedules.

Monitor driver performance metrics such as delivery times, route optimization, and customer feedback.

Handle both quality control (QC) and non-QC returns efficiently, minimizing processing times, and expanding offerings.

Efficiently resolve non-delivery issues, minimize return-to-origin (RTO) rates, and improve delivery success rates.


Key Features of the Shipdelight's Logistics Platform

Forward and Reverse B2C Movement

From initial order placement to product returns and exchanges, ensure efficient handling and tracking.


Branch and Hub Management

Manage operations, monitor performance, and allocate resources across multiple branches and hubs.


COD Management

Track COD payments, reconcile accounts, and manage cash flow effectively to reduce financial risks.


Easy Scanning

Scans and Sorting feature ShipDelight's Logistics ERP offers real-time visibility into shipment status.


Bag and Bin Management

Advanced bag and bin management features enables fleet owners to optimize storage space and improve warehouse efficiency.


Manifest Management

Simple manifest management for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing operational efficiency.


Business Benefits of ShipDelight's Logistics ERP

Consolidated Order Control

Logistics ERP offers fleet owners a centralized platform to manage all aspects of order fulfilment, including order processing, inventory management, and delivery scheduling, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.


Driver Performance Optimization

Fleet owners can optimize driver performance with ShipDelight's Logistics ERP, enabling them to track driver activities, analyze performance metrics, and identify opportunities for improvement, leading to enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction.


COD Visibility and Reconciliation

Our Solution provides fleet owners with comprehensive visibility into COD transactions, facilitating accurate reconciliation, minimizing financial risk, and ensuring transparency in financial operations.


NDR Management to boost Conversions

Fleet owners can efficiently manage non-delivery issues with ShipDelight's Logistics ERP, minimizing return-to-origin (RTO) rates, reducing operational costs, and enhancing delivery success rates, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Returns Management Efficiency

Streamlines returns management processes for fleet owners, enabling them to handle returns efficiently and minimize processing times, resulting in cost savings and improved customer service.


Scalability and Growth

ShipDelight's Logistics ERP is scalable and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of fleet owners, supporting growth and expansion into new markets, new service offerings, and new business opportunities, ensuring long-term success.

How does it works

Simplified Workflow Unraveling Shipdelight's Magic


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Collaborate with our team to design a personalized integration plan tailored to your business model and operational workflow.


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Invite your team members to join the platform and provide comprehensive training and support.


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How is it different form other inventory management system?

Unlike other inventory management systems, ours is made to support the next generation - quick commerce. Your inventory needs to move very fast.