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Reuters has found that 14% of Retailers worry about streamlining
their operations across Platforms and Locations.

Key Benefits Of our Omni-Channel Solution

Curated Solutions for your Omni-channel Success

Easy Integrations

ShipDelight platform integrates with all leading Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and 30+ more.

Single Window Dashboard

Receive, fulfill, and track orders for your website, Social Media channels and all marketplaces, via a single interface.

Real-time Visibility

Display real-time inventory—automated syncing. List all your stores as a unified inventory.

Technology Stack

Inventory, WMS, fulfillment center, last-mile delivery, and customer engagement tool- all on one platform.

Same Day Delivery

ShipDelight offers same-day delivery, achieving an average TAT of 3 hrs reducing the number of orders cancelled in transit and enhancing Client Experience.

Courier Integration

Allocate the order to the couriers of your choice. On our platform, you can manage and evaluate the performance of Couriers based on Weight, Cost and Performance.

Integrated with the daily Business Apps